Value Investing in India’s Emerging Market

Value Investing in India’s Emerging Market

Dwaith Advisory was incorporated in 2018 to provide long-term financial services to investors. It is promoted by Harsha Venkatesh, who has been investing since the early 2000s and has lived and worked in the USA and Germany. He finds inspiration from Warren Buffett’s and Mohnish Pabrai’s investment thesis. He has followed their fee structure with no management fees. Over the long run (5 years) his objective is to beat all major indices and over 90% of mutual and hedge fund managers.

Current Fund Schemes

Dwaith Partners

US & European clients 

Dwaith Partners is open to qualified clients. It is incorporated in the US mainly to invest in securities trading in India and other emerging markets. Dwaith Partners is a Category 3 FPI which enables it to purchase shares in the Indian securities market. If you are based in other countries, you would need to have the capability to invest in a US-based fund.

Dwaith PMS

Resident Indian & NRI/OCI card holders

Dwaith PMS is open to HNI clients and corporates based in India and NRI/OCI clients outside India. It bears a SEBI PMS registration number INP000008561 and runs a value investment PMS fund. It also has a SEBI Investment Advisory license with Registration number: INA000017329. All new clients would be taken solely into the PMS.

Fund Scheme Returns

^ Starting dates for comparison when initial investments were made: July 1, 2021 (S&P 500, MSCI EM) and Dec 10, 2021 (Sensex India). All calculations are made based on the Calendar Year from January to December
* Starting dates for comparison when investments were made: Nov 11, 2022 (Sensex India) to March 31, 2023
* Returns from April 2023 to Mar 2024 post fees


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